A Changing Work Landscape

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If you thought that the remote work thing was just a passing craze, it might be time to table that assumption and resign yourself to the fact that the future of work is here. Want to understand more about this growing work lifestyle? Read this fantastic article by Emily Payne over at Launchable Mag!

From treadmill and standing desks to coworking spaces and remote offices, it seems as though all signs are pointing towards the end of the dreaded 9-to-5 drudgery and its infamous cubicle farms. These set work hours and company benefit packages are all a part of what has been coined as the “Era of Big Work.” Independent workers, with their freelance resumes and home offices, are starting to put an end to this.

About 34% of the nation’s total workforce, or 53 million people, are currently freelancing. These numbers are expected to continue growing: independent workers are projected to make up a majority of the workforce by 2020. The trend is clear, but what’s fueling it?

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Life as a digital nomad – someone not tethered to the “ball and chain” of a traditional work or office setting – is appealing to both the young and the old.

At its heart, it is a move toward freedom of choice and flexibility, and is centered around so much more than just “working from home,” although the ability to work from your house is definitely something many digital nomads elect to do.

To learn more about becoming a digital nomad, check out our free PDF here.

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The changing work landscape is big, beautiful, and vast – it’s time to embrace the change and live and work from where you love to be!


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