WhyTelecom is a rapidly growing community of professionals dedicated to reinventing the way people define “telecommuting” or “teleworking” across all industries. We view telecommuting as a way of life, not just as a statement of whether or not a daily drive factors into a specific career path.

We want to inspire others who are interested in CREATING WORK WHERE THEY ARE while providing the resources and support necessary to take that leap and find success in a telework lifestyle.



There are more than 3 million USA-based work-from home professionals

80% – The growth in teleworking over the last decade

There are more than 2 million self-employed people working from home

$58,000 is the average salary of those that work remotely



Modern telecommuting is simply a way for people to bring work to where they are at, rather than leaving where they are to go to their place of work. The entire premise of working remotely is that you have the ability to work in your own self-created environment – even if that means still adhering to set hours, deadlines, or any number of other expectations.

Here at WhyTelecom, we focus on three main aspects of the telecommuting experience:

  • The experience of BEING a telecommute employee or freelancer
  • The experience of EMPLOYING a telecommute employee or freelancer
  • The experience of being an ENTREPRENEUR that is fashioning for themselves a work and career experience right where they live – no boss or commute or employees necessary


Working Smarter