Bring Work Home To Montana!

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Twenty years ago, my wife and I drove our Ford Bronco filled with our three toddlers cross-country to Montana. People thought we were crazy (and not just because we were driving thousands of miles in a car with three toddlers). We had this idea that the Internet might actually make it possible for us to work from anywhere, even Bozeman, MT, and that thought didn’t convince a lot of people.

Still, it turned out to be true. Our little business grew from an extra bedroom in our Bozeman home to 1,100 jobs and an average Montana salary of $86,000.

Today Montana has a high-tech sector with over 150 firms that are growing 8 – 10 times faster than the state economy. Plus, more and more national firms allow their employees to work from anywhere, including:



American Express


Given you have a choice, why not live and work in the Last Best Place? Come back to Montana (and bring your job with you).

In case you need any more reason to telecommute from Montana, how about these:

  1. The Internet makes telecommuting possible. Even in remote Eureka, Montana, 60% of the homes have direct fiber connections.
  2. You have easy access to vast public lands for hunting, fishing, hiking and skiing – every weekend, and even after work during the week.
  3. Direct flights to many national locations make air travel much easier than it used to be. (Glacier International Park Airport, Missoula International Airport, Billings Logan International Airport)
  4. Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks become your neighborhood playgrounds.
  5. Montana is inspirational – you will do your best work here.
  6. Housing costs are below national averages in most Montana communities, so you may even be able to upgrade your home.
  7. Montana is a great place to raise your kids!

Who wouldn’t want to make Montana home? You could also start with a summer vacation to explore the possibilities for yourself!


Greg Gianforte – Founder RightNow Technologies, Bozeman Montana

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