Jen Haley

Jen is a telecommute employee with HP, and is based out of Montana. She has years of experience working remotely for clients all over the world, and knows what it takes to make a remote work situation a success.

Derrick Mitchell

Derrick has spent his entire career in the creative arts and marketing sector. Working with brands such as MTV, Nintendo, and Netflix while employed as an intern for Seven 2 Interactive catapulted his career. His branding work and graphic design has been included in international publications for the design industry and regularly featured on trending websites.

For Derrick, telecommuting means being able to reach an incredibly broad pool of clients – something he would never be able to do if he only worked within a fixed location parameter. Finding work in other cities and countries and then DOING that work here in Montana has been a fantastic way to support both his family and his community, as his company often hires freelancers and local subcontractors to help with overflow work.

Derrick is currently the owner of a small design agency, Mitchell’s Garage | Creative Media Chop Shop, located in the heart of downtown Kalispell, Montana, where the focus is on helping businesses put their best foot forward with custom graphic design, web development, content writing, and consulting. Mitchell’s Garage has been successful in reaching and working with clients all over the world, including Washington D.C., New York, California, Calgary, Austria, Australia, Washington, Colorado, and of course, throughout Montana.

Jennah Mitchell

Jennah has worked as a writer and project manager for close to a decade. In 2010 she first dabbled in telecommuting by starting a freelance company on the popular job board website Her business quickly grew, and in a little over a year she was employing over 5 other remote workers across the United States.

She currently freelances for a site called Tongal, where she has helped companies like LEGO and Johnson & Johnson ideate creative marketing and social media campaigns. She also manages the WhyTelecom website and social media pages, and is the project manager of a small design agency, Mitchell’s Garage | Creative Media Chop Shop, located in Kalispell, Montana, where she helps businesses find success with both print and online marketing efforts.

Her passion for remote work extends beyond her personal business ventures, though – she would love to see more companies take advantage of the countless benefits telecommuting offers both employees and businesses alike.