Do You Work In Your Jammies?

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Telecommuting gets a lot of bad raps…especially when it comes to storied instances of employees and freelancers signing on to a video conference dressed in a work-appropriate top but sporting NON-work-approved bottoms. A full-on business-on-the-top-party-down-below situation. Not necessarily a huge deal…that is, until one wrong move tilts your camera slightly off kilter and the other peeps in on the conference are subjected to a flash of flannel or – GASP – yoga pants.

While there are certainly worse things than having your telecommuting colleagues catch you in a pajama moment, unprofessionalism while working from home definitely ranks extremely high on the list of fears employers have when considering trying out a remote work situation. So be warned: be comfortable, sure, but know that the microscope will be dialed in tightly on you as your colleagues and likely even your boss try to navigate the long-distance work relationship waters.

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