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If you have ever sat down and thought – seriously thought – about working from home, you might have heard of It is one of the leading sites for finding a telecommuting position no matter where you call home. If you are a business owner with too many tasks to complete and have thought about outsourcing, can help with that as well.

A Different Kind of Telecommuting Site

If you are familiar with job-posting websites, typically you sign up, apply for a particular job, and wait to hear from the client. Things are a little different with FlexJobs, however. The job postings here pull directly from other job boards – what’s more, each job listing you click on takes you to the site of its original posting. While this may seem like an extra step, FlexJobs gives you access to all the jobs available to you within a particular service category, location, or whatever your filter of choice may be.

The Cost

The ability to find jobs from different sites all in one location is very convenient, making it much easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. The phrase, “you get what you pay for” does come to mind, though; in order to easily access this information, you will need to front a cost of $49.95 per year, or $14.95 per month. While this may seem like a downside to finding a job, all telecommuting, freelancing, or job websites that have good results and dependable listings will cost something. It is a small price to pay for security and dependability.

Protection From Scams

A unique benefit to is protection from scams. There are many sites that promise high income, little effort, and a work “guarantee.” As sad as it is, however, many of these are scams. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and conducts screens to weed out scammers to protect you from various threats, including identity theft.

The Reality of the Situation

It is important to understand that no site is perfect, and this includes FlexJobs. There are some instances where job categories overlap, causing it to seem like there are more available jobs than there really are. With that said, many of the jobs are from large, promising companies, such as World Health Organization, Citigroup, Georgia-Pacific, Sylvan Learning, and Fidelity Investments – a boon to telecommuters looking for a dependable, long-term work-from-home opportunity.

For anyone looking to get their foot into the door of the telecommuting community, is a great place to start. For a small fee, you have access to several quality jobs – freelancing, part-time, and full-time – which could be exactly what you have been dreaming of. You will ultimately end up on another site, which could turn into a gold mind, giving you access to even more jobs that maybe did not reach the FlexJobs portal. All in all, it is a site worth spending some time checking out – even for the most seasoned telework or freelance pro.

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