Do you want to find telecommute work to get your freelance career off the ground?

Are you looking for advice on how to ask your boss to let you to work remotely?

Would you like to find freedom from the commute by bringing work to there you are?


Every day thousands of employees and freelancers start their work days not by getting in a car or hopping on a bus, but by diving in right where they are: at home. Many may choose to work from a coffee shop or a shared workspace cooperative or even from a commercial office space, but the factor that differentiates their workspaces from those of their colleagues that arrive at a place of business to with each day is the element of choice.

Working remotely allows you freedom to work from where you are, no matter if your boss, colleagues, or clients are 5 miles away or 1500. Being able to use technology to connect to others and to do great work outside of a traditional office setting is freeing, and it often allows you the added bonus of keeping work and the cashflow that comes with it home to your local economy.

If you live in a rural area or in a smaller city, chances are that employment opportunities are not the same as they would be in a large city or metropolitan area. Telecommuting puts everyone and every job on an even playing field, putting the power back in your hands to live the life you want.

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Below is a link to an article that gives very interesting and specific steps to take when trying to convince you employer to allow you to work remotely. While not all of the author’s proposed tips align with our views (for example, the recommendation to take a fake sick day to prove you can work remotely short-term – something we definitely don’t think is the most honest approach) her article is still very informative and has some excellent takeaways:

Becoming a Digital Nomad


Are you a developer or programmer? According to the Stack Overflow 2015 Developer Survey, remote work pays. Developers who work remotely full-time earn about 40% more than those who never work remote. That is a tremendous hike in pay! 

Stack Overflow’s blog – the Stack Exchange – has some interesting articles about working remotely as well. The article below focuses on why they believe in letting people work full time from home:

Why We Believe In Working Remotely