Laying Down On The Job

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Today’s workspace is not nearly as glamorous as most of the offices and coffee shops that I get to work from, although it does allow for some pretty sweet perks (i.e. A view of my kids as they play in the backyard, endless food and drinks from my wife, and the occasional visit from the dogs).

I’m working from the flat of my stomach laying down on the floor trying not to move too much. I’ve managed to throw my back out, and doing anything other than laying here is proving to be as painful as childbirth (I would imagine…but don’t tell my wife I said that. Or any female for that matter, haha).

It’s in this moment that I reflect on yet another amazing perk of working remotely: If I had a “real” job where I had to clock in at the office, I would be down for the count. Missing nearly three or four days of work and either using up my “sick” or personal days, or possibly even at risk of losing my job. With my laptop on the floor and the few necessary things I need to be productive for the day (headphones, hard drive, planner, and my calendar) I’m able to work on my vital tasks for the day and hopefully not miss a beat.

I’m so grateful for the career that I have and the support of my family. I hope you are able to find the same as you look to step out on your own, knowing that you have the support of this community and those around you to help you through your journey.

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