Pictures worth way more than 1000 Words: Jaw-dropping Remote Work Locations

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You’ve probably heard it before: telecommuting is pretty much awesome sauce because of, well, everything about it. No time wasted chatting up colleagues around the respective water cooler or over sub sandwiches during lunch. No time wasted on a (sometimes hours-long) commute. No lag time between punching out for the day and hanging out with you loved ones. Yep – … Read More

Telecommuting With Hewlett Packard: Part 1

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I am always amazed at the people I run into that are telecommuters. You’d think you’d be able to pick them out from a crowd…huddled over a laptop at Starbucks frantically typing, or holed up in their hotel’s business center into the wee hours of the morning. But you can’t always tell a telecommuter from a “regular” employee, and that … Read More

Managing a Remote Workforce – Part 1: Hiring Remote Workers Can Tremendously Benefit Your Business

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The numbers don’t lie. According to one of the most recent comprehensive studies on telecommuting courtesy of WorldAtWork and, approximately 26.2 million people telecommuted in 2010. While those numbers are 5 years old (I’d say it’s about time for another survey!) they still provide vital insight into a work trend that is proving to be much more than just … Read More