Pictures worth way more than 1000 Words: Jaw-dropping Remote Work Locations

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You’ve probably heard it before: telecommuting is pretty much awesome sauce because of, well, everything about it. No time wasted chatting up colleagues around the respective water cooler or over sub sandwiches during lunch. No time wasted on a (sometimes hours-long) commute. No lag time between punching out for the day and hanging out with you loved ones. Yep – … Read More

15 Top Tools For Productive Workflow

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15 Top Tools For Productive Workflow

Productivity. More than just a popular buzzword, it’s at the heart of every effective business and it’s the lifeline of every successful individual.   Want to get more done, faster? Productivity can help you out. Want to make more money? Productivity just might be the key to your success in that area. Want to create a more efficient workflow and stay organized while … Read More

Telecommuting With Hewlett Packard: Part 3

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Telecommuting With Hewlett Packard: Part 3

This is the final installment in a 3-part interview with Jen Haley, who is a Software Engineer with Hewlett Packard. Jen telecommutes from her home in Bozeman, and below she shares some of her thoughts toward remote workflow and how to find success in a telecommute role: JM: What successes have you had while telecommuting? JH: I have found a great … Read More

Managing A Remote Workforce Part 3: How To Effectively Manage Your Telework Team No Matter Where They Are Located

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Managing A Remote Workforce Part 3: How To Effectively Manage Your Telework Team No Matter Where They Are Located

Effectively managing a telework team is no walk in the park. While none of the rules governing traditional employee workflow will apply, there is still a need for parallel processes and protocols that will ensure everyone stays on the same page and – more importantly – to ensure that productivity stays high. There are a slew of telecommute “styles,” but … Read More

Top 65 Collaborative Work Tools of 2015

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Managing a company is hard work. Managing a remote team can be even harder. But thanks to the products, software, tools, and apps listed below, collaborating long-distance has never been easier. I am excited to highlight some of the top collaborative work tools of 2015 – some lists feature repeated resources – this is either because they did’t fit neatly into … Read More

Do You Work In Your Jammies?

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Telecommuting gets a lot of bad raps…especially when it comes to storied instances of employees and freelancers signing on to a video conference dressed in a work-appropriate top but sporting NON-work-approved bottoms. A full-on business-on-the-top-party-down-below situation. Not necessarily a huge deal…that is, until one wrong move tilts your camera slightly off kilter and the other peeps in on the conference … Read More