Work from home? Too many distractions!

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When people hear that I work from home as a software developer, 9 out of 10 times the next comment is: “I could never do that; don’t you get distracted?” 

Truthfully, the question has always bothered me. It highlights a flawed expectation that there are no distractions in an office when we know there are plenty (just try to get … Read More

LucidMeetings Interview

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As a remote worker, I am always on the lookout for products that make connecting with people in different locations than where I am as easy as possible. Lucid Meetings is one of those awesome products that I think is a great asset for anyone that telecommutes or needs to reach out to people outside their office, for example, and … Read More

Pictures worth way more than 1000 Words: Jaw-dropping Remote Work Locations

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You’ve probably heard it before: telecommuting is pretty much awesome sauce because of, well, everything about it. No time wasted chatting up colleagues around the respective water cooler or over sub sandwiches during lunch. No time wasted on a (sometimes hours-long) commute. No lag time between punching out for the day and hanging out with you loved ones. Yep – … Read More

Zapier Interview

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Imagine…a world where apps magically talked to one another, giving you superhuman abilities to get things done efficiently. Sounds pretty awesome, right? The folks at Zapier thought it was high time that we stopped imagining such things, so they made them a reality. Anyone, anywhere now has access to technology and workflow that were once only available to people with serious programming … Read More

Why Telecommuting Will Never Replace The Office

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whytelecom: telecommuting will never replace the office

I’ll let you in on a little secret.   Telecommuting will never replace office life. Working remotely will never kill the commute completely. Virtual meetings will never eliminate the need for in-person, roundtable discussions. And that is just fine. Because here’s the other secret: Unless the workforce gets completely replaced by robots, we humans will never be exactly the the … Read More

A Look At What Makes Buffer So Incredibly Awesome

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Have you heard of Buffer? I’m assuming that – like the thousands of people that use their service every day – you have heard of them and know they are ridiculously awesome. If you haven’t found out about them yet, then consider this your introduction to one of the most forward-thinking companies I have had the pleasure of chatting with. Like … Read More

Telecommuting With Hewlett Packard: Part 3

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Telecommuting With Hewlett Packard: Part 3

This is the final installment in a 3-part interview with Jen Haley, who is a Software Engineer with Hewlett Packard. Jen telecommutes from her home in Bozeman, and below she shares some of her thoughts toward remote workflow and how to find success in a telecommute role: JM: What successes have you had while telecommuting? JH: I have found a great … Read More