Telecommuting Questions, Answers, and Needed Solutions

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This definition of telecommuting found on is interesting…and begs the question, what are the SOLUTIONS to the underlying issues and potential problems of working remotely? So many times articles, individuals, and even companies pose great questions and identify true problems for the whole work-from-home lifestyle but then fail to suggest any real possible solutions.

Two zingers found on here include:

  1. “Telecommuting can fail if employees require constant supervision, which is much more difficult, if not impossible, with remote employees.” Their proposed solution? “To avoid getting stuck doing more work with telecommuting employees, beware of hiring anyone who has a track record of needing constant interaction with a manager in order to get the job done.” The question here is HOW exactly anyone could be sure of that “proven track record,” especially when hiring someone that is, say, fresh out of college?
  2. “The biggest impediment to managing a remote workforce is accountability. It can be hard to tell if workers are actually working or just sitting around the house watching TV in their pajamas.” Their proposed solution? “It’s imperative to ensure accountability by setting up processes to monitor performance, including daily contact and activity reports.” Again…this all sounds good in theory, but what are realistic ways to create accountability processes for those in your company that are telecommuting?

We have some thoughts…and still a lot of questions, to be honest, but we would love to hear what you think and how you or the company you work for has found legitimate, proven solutions for combating the most common struggles facing remote work situations. Feel free to leave a comment below or fill out our telecommuter questionnaire (here) to let us know how you have found work-from-home success.

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