The Siren Call of Coffee: A Love Story Without End

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There are so many reasons to love coffee, taste and perks as a social lubricant being just two of them. Since today is National Coffee Day (amen to that – finally a national day of something I can totally rally behind) I thought I would post a few reasons why I love ode to sweet, sweet “Joe,” if you will.

Joe is patient. If I pour a cup and can’t immediately consume it (a tragedy unto itself, but still…it can happen from time to time) I can, thankfully, come back to it, rewarm it, and then finish drinking it. Joe is never grumpy with me…maybe a little bitter (pun totally intended there)…but still always waiting, patiently, for my return.

Joe is kind. Who else can gently rouse me from sweet slumber and entice me to join the land of the living…all at my own sleepy pace? On the weekends…Joe is there. On Mondays…Joe is there. At 3pm when I am up against a deadline…Joe is also there, offering support and bolstering my resolve.

Joe isn’t jealous. I admit: even though I am in a committed relationship with Joe I do find myself craving the company of another from time to time. Sparkling water with Orange Juice. Eggnog on the holidays. No matter what, Joe loves me still, without judgement, and is always waiting for me when I need him.

Joe gives me something safe to hold onto. Room full of people I have never met before…hands sweating with anxiety and mind filling with a crazy collection of thoughts and conversation starters all jumbling into a glorious mess of words and potential scenarios. Enter Joe like a knight in shining armor…or in a tall, spill-proof cup that I can hold onto and count on to mask my nervous, shaking hand as I mingle with the best of them. Don’t even get me started on how great of an ice-breaker good old Joe can be. “Oh, you love the coffee shop on Second and Main too? What a coincidence!”

Joe has a personality to match every one of my many emotions. Feeling exceptionally tired? Joe shows up tall, dark, and incredibly handsome I might add. Looking for something to cool me down on a hot day? Just add ice and a little caramel blended in, and Joe helps me beat the heat. Need something to tide me over while waiting for a connecting flight? Hello Vanilla Americano, my good friend – let’s hang out!

No matter how you shake it, Joe is a killer morning buddy and a great early evening date. I may just decide to marry him someday…if only he were more than just a cup of coffee. Wait…there is no such thing as “JUST” a cup of coffee…

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