Top 65 Collaborative Work Tools of 2015

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Managing a company is hard work.

Managing a remote team can be even harder.

But thanks to the products, software, tools, and apps listed below, collaborating long-distance has never been easier.

I am excited to highlight some of the top collaborative work tools of 2015 – some lists feature repeated resources – this is either because they did’t fit neatly into one category or because they were just SO GOOD that they warranted a double entry onto the list. All of them are fantastic for both in-house teams and remote teams alike; if there is a resource you think should be added to the list, please leave a comment below – I would love to hear from you! With so many great options out there, it was tough to compile a list of just 65…but without further ado (and with March Madness on my mind), I present to you the “Sweet Sixty-Five.”

Best One-Stop-Shops

These are the cream of the crop when it comes to all-in-one solutions. From video conferencing to project management to time tracking and beyond, these 4 gems are sure to have your workflow humming right along in no time flat:

1. Active Collab

2. Ontraport

3. Redbooth

4. Zoho

*New Addition: ProofHub

Comprehensive Project Management

If you are looking for a way to easily manage your projects and tasks across a broad team (and maybe even loop in outsiders or clients every now and then), these 6 resources are for you:

5. Central Desktop

6. Basecamp

7. iCloud

8. Mavenlink

9. Insightly

10. Yammer

List/Task/Note Management

If you’re like me, you struggle to keep your to-do lists straight…and maybe your daily and weekly tasks litter your desks on multi-colored post-it notes just begging for better organization. Despair no longer, friend, because these 9 beauties make organizing tasks a snap – even across a large, geographically diverse team of people:

11. Evernote

12. Trello

13. Producteev

14. Acunote

15. Todoist

16. hiTask

17. Google Keep


19. Wunderlist

Conference Calling/Virtual Meetings

Some of the biggest issues facing remote workers are productivity and communication. How can you stay in the loop and do your best work when you can’t easily lean across the 12-inch gap from your desk to your colleague’s desk and ask a question or offer up a suggestion on a project? The answer is simple – virtual conference call and meeting software. You can be a simple keystroke away from video chats, screen-shares, and presentations with the help of these 8 resources:

20. Lucid Meetings

21. PGi

22. Sqwiggle

23. Skype

24. GoToMeeting


26. WebEx

27. Mikogo

Communication Management

Again with the communication…and while it may seem redundant, it is nevertheless THAT important. These 8 tools make quick on-the-go chatting with you team a breeze; something you take for granted when everyone is all gathered together around ye olde water cooler:

28. OnlyOffice

29. Skype

30. Asana

31. Sqwiggle

32. Hall

33. Ring Central

34. Buffer

35. HipChat

*New Addition: Slack

File/Data Sharing and Storage

Whether you manage a design agency or run a retail store online, data and file management and sharing is something you need to have a handle on regularly. These 5 awesome options make that task simple and – even better – they allow you to access your information from any computer at any time:

36. Basecamp

37. Google Drive

38. Dropbox

39. Sync

40. SecureSafe


If you have a team, you need to have a schedule or things will quickly blow up in your face. The following 5 planning and scheduling resources make it stupid-easy to calendar important meetings and keep tabs on your team’s commitments:

41. Google Calendar

42. hiTask

43. Doodle

44. TimeBridge

45. NeedToMeet 

Finance and Time Management

Call me crazy, but I am betting you hope to make money from your business. If so, then you are going to need a way to track time and manage your company finances – from assigning employees projects all the way through to invoicing and tax preparation, these 6 tools have it all:

46. Time Doctor

47. 10,000ft

48. BillQuick

49. Timesheet

50. FreshBooks

51. Harvest

Marketing/Social Media

Put your best foot forward with these 4 premium marketing and social media management tools, all guaranteed to streamline your online marketing efforts:

52. Hootsuite

53. SproutSocial

54. Huddle

55. Buffer

Other Awesome Resources

These resources didn’t necessarily fit into the above categories, but they are nevertheless FANTASTIC options for companies looking to market their products or services or even connect with team members in a more efficient way. From infographic design tools to collaborative whiteboard note-taking apps, these 10 game-changers would make an awesome addition to any company’s collaborative workflow arsenal:

56. PikToChart 

57. Prezi

58. Mind42

59. Sync.In

60. FlockDraw

61. Hackpad

62. Workfrom

63. Salesforce

64. Small Improvements

65. Skitch

Thanks To These Awesome Sites

Tracking down some of the best software and tools out there isn’t an easy task, and I definitely am thankful for the websites and companies below that helped me find some awesome diamonds that I would never have happened upon on my own.

Thanks to:

These are all fantastic resources and I heartily recommend following their websites and their blogs. Again – I would love to hear from you if you think there are some excellent resources that didn’t make the list. Shoot me a comment or a shout-out on Twitter and I will definitely add them in!

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