According to Merriam Webster online (found here), the definition of telecommuting or remote working is “to work at home by the use of an electronic linkup with a central office.”

While technically true, it is a definition that is sorely lacking in breadth and depth, especially with the surge in varying opportunities afforded to service professionals across the globe that are continually redefining what it means to work remotely. While telecommuting is surely still a way for employees of any given company to maintain a direct connection with their office while working offsite, it is a multifaceted term that brings with it a host of similar yet different applications.

A telecommuter could be a freelancer picking up contract work to help make ends meet.

A telecommuter could be a business owner that no longer has to work in the office because he or she has put in place team members qualified to take care of day to day operations in lieu of their absence.

A telecommuter could be a magazine contributor.

A telecommuter could be a CPA offering financial advice to clients even while on vacation.

A telecommuter could be an entrepreneur looking to put his or her passions and skills to work for themselves right there in their hometown.

Any way that you slice it, telecommuting is, at its core, a way for people to bring work TO them where they are at, rather than leaving FROM where they are to do their job each day. It doesn’t matter if the distance traveled is 15 miles into town or 15 states away; the entire premise of working remotely is that you have the ability to work in your own self-created environment – even if that means still adhering to set hours, deadlines, or any number of other established rules, expectations, or plans of action.

Here at WhyTelecom, we focus on three main aspects of the telecommuting experience:

If you are like us, you fall into one or more of these categories, and if you do, you are not alone. Thousands of people just like you have chosen a flexible, more self-directed work path, and thousands more are following suit every year. Our mission is to provide the support and resources necessary for you to be extremely successful while carving a remote work path for yourself and for others.


The WhyTelecom Team

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